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Indicadores y condiciones de salud en un grupo de trabajadores informales venteros del centro de Medelln (Colombia) 2008 2009

Mara Osley Garzn Duque, Rubn Daro Gmez Arias, Fabio Len Rodrguez Ospina

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: indicators of self-perception and socio-demographic, occupational and family conditions of informal workers innkeepers. Methods: cross sectional study on a sample of 170 innkeepers in 2009 whith an individual interview. Results: predominated males (65%), those over 35 years (85%), 88% of interviewed were heads of households, belonged to the poorest strata 1 and 2; their educational level was low (5 3,3 years); the weekly number of hours of work was between 60 and 119, seniority in the office of innkeeper was high (M = 18.5); and the men perceived higher incomes than women; 35% of workers had mild or severe family dysfunction. The total scores of the SF-36 were relatively good, (between 58.59 and 82.06). Women had poorer health and word perception than men. Conclusion: the workers was exposed to socio-economic, occupational, and adverse family conditions, and as vulnerable population require the development of policies public.