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Factores de riesgo cardiovascular en participantes de un programa masivo de actividad fsica

Andrs Felipe Hidalgo Barragn, Jos Rafael Tovar Cuevas

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Objectives: to characterize the cardiovascular risk factors of people from Bogot city and consider what percentage of people have a higher risk of a cardiovascular event. Materials and methods: the anthropometric measures as the waist circumference, height and weight were took of 3316 participants in a Physical activity program using an interview with questions about topics as medical history, age type and level of physical activity. To obtain information about the cardiovascular risk presence, three indexes were developed with self reported presence of two or more risk factors. Results: 54% of individuals had a healthy weight, while only 28.4% were classified as physically active, on the other hand, people belonging to early adulthood reported being more sedentary. The main reported risk factor was present in overweight individuals and 1732 people have the presence of two or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Discusion: half of the individuals analyzed could develop cardiovascular disease in the future.