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Falla cardaca avanzada en pacientes tratados con dispositivos electrofisiolgicos en una unidad de electrofisologa, Pereira (Colombia)

Ricardo Arango Franco*, Jos W Martnez**, Juan M Crdenas Castellanos**, Alex A. Rivera Toquica, Daniel S. Marn Medina, Juan P. Orozco Hernndez, Jorge A. Snchez Duque, Juan D. Sosa-Urrea, Manuel A. Martnez Muoz, Viviana A. Granada Muoz

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: advanced heart failure its a disease with a high prevalence in the world wide,with an increasing mortality and hospitalization rates, due to his severity and clinical profile. Which costs to the health system is up to 20% of the resources devoted to the management of cardiovascular disease in North Amerca. A cross-sectional study was made with 70 patients on pharmacological treatment and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy with or without Implantable Cardioverter (CDI) or Implantable Cardioverter (CDI) among 2010 and 2012. Methods: a cross-sectional study. Results: we found 71% with hypertension, 65,75% ischemic cardiopathy , 58.3% with resynchronizator with or without CDI, 90% had two or more drugs for heart failure, 77% had beta blocker, 90% ACE inhibitor or ARB, 85.7% diuretics. Conclusion: patients with advanced heart failure who underwent electrophysiological therapy, were clinically characterized in Pereira, Colombia.