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Conocimientos, actitudes y prcticas sobre dengue, tras aplicacin de estrategias de movilizacin social. Yopal-Casanare, Colombia, 2012

Ingrid Zoraya Criollo Fonseca, Ana Yorley Bernal Barn, Oneida Castaeda Porras

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: in Colombia, Casanare is one of the departments with the greatest dengue transmission. Its main city, Yopal, implemented as of 2008 strategies of social mobilization (COMBI) to control the disease. The study objective was to identify knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) about dengue to strengthen actions on information, education, communication and control/prevention. Materials and methods: cross-sectional descriptive study; KAP-survey application at urban zone; analysis of data/variables with Epi-Info 3.5.1 with descriptive statistics. Results: 120 subjects surveyed; women 73,3%; median age 36-yr (range 12-82); dominant age-group was 14-44 (63,3%); average time of residence 17-yr (1-34); 97,5% knew about dengue; 64,5% knew about Aedes aegypti vector transmission. On control measures, 91,7% were informed about recipients destruction; 89,8% about habitats elimination; 67,5% answered everyone is responsible of control measures. Conclusions: awareness on dengue as disease by identifying both vector and control mechanisms; people considered everyones participation and responsibility for dengue control. To continue and promote communitary participation, to make articulated, continued activities to strengthen habits and to invite children to replicate these practices.