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Nivel de seguridad alimentaria en algunas familias campesinas de Risaralda (Colombia)

Liliana Patricia Muoz Snchez*, Daniela Vanegas Gmez**, Katherine Molina Lasprilla, Angela Mara Londoo Echeverry, Jos William Martnez, Johnny Muoz Valencia, Hugo Alexander Flrez, Mara Isabel Castao

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: since 1996, Colombia began changes in many institutions for increase nutritional level in all country. The police was calling Plan Nacional de Alimentacion y Nutricion (PNAN 1996-2005). Methods: our work defined the baseline in food security. We were visiting 161 homes in 113 living children. The sample was not randomized. We were applying ELCSA (Escala Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Seguridad Alimentaria) is an scale for security food, social participation in schools and biodiversity for many countries village. Results: we found 70.8% house with adults in unsafe food. The unsafe food in house with children were 67.3%. Conclusion: the unsafe food was independence from schools, countries villages and cities.