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Factores asociados a las prcticas sexuales de riesgo en estudiantes de colegios pblicos y privados de la ciudad de Medelln, (Colombia) 2011

Hugo Grisales Romero, Guillermo Castao, Leydy Johana Colorado, Juan David Rodas

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: adolescence is synonymous of experimentation and this is given in the beginning of sexual practices are sometimes risky. In this article there are described and also the variables associated with the person, to support their coping in the present study. Methods: in a sample of 544 students with aged between 14 to 17 years old from Medellin schools, the prevalence of unsafe sex was calculated and its association with other variables using the chi-square test of independence and finally which of the above together explained these practices was calculated by unconditional logistic regression. Results: the prevalence of unsafe sex was 83%. The risk of these students in public institutions is 1.9 times compared to those of private schools. Having sex when you have consumed alcohol drug with partner and family not meet standards, increase the risk that are dangerous. Conclusion: despite the wide knowledge of the students, the unsafe sex predominate, which warrants in-depth study to understand it.