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Episodios de ansiedad y depresin en universitarias de Tunja (Colombia): probable asociacin con uso de anticoncepcin hormonal. 2012

Carlos Alberto Nio-Avendao, Juan Manuel Ospina D., Fred Gustavo Manrique Abril

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: to asses the possible link between use of hormonal contraceptives (oral, injectable or sub dermal implants) with episodes of anxiety and depression in college students from Tunja, adjusting for other factors identified with depression in scientific literature. Materials: study of prevalence, observational, with analytic cross-sectional design. Population was defined as the female students of two universities located in Tunja. It was extracted a sample of 538 women by random sequential sampling, which prior informed consent, was applied the Hamilton Anxiety Scale, and the Beck depression scale .Statistical analysis was made using Epi-Info program. Results: the overall prevalence of depression was 18,95%, an the manifestations of anxiety one was 52,04%. We found statistically significant association between the use of hormonal methods and depression: OR = 3,31 (95% CI: 1,03-5,40, p = 0.0001). The estimate of probable association between hormonal methods and anxiety, showed a statistically significant association, although less strong: OR=1,46 (CI95% 1,03-2,05; p=0,018. It was also found association between manifestations of depression and age more than twenty years. Conclusions: findings reported show positive association, suggesting the need for healthcare providers to evaluate mental state of the young university at the time of prescribing the use of hormonal preparations as a contraceptive method.