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Patrn de automedicacin en la zona urbana de la ciudad de Pereira (Colombia) en el trimestre marzo- mayo 2013

Federico Villegas Cardona*, Katherinn Melissa Nasner Posso*, Diana Paola Buitrago Gmez, Stefana Cruz Caldern, Sebastin Ruden Restrepo, Juan Esteban Bedoya Arias, Andrs Felipe Barco lvarez, Erika Stefana Bolaos Muoz, Ricardo Gmez Ossa

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: self-medication continues being a widely accepted practice, unrecognized by the population as an act that contributes to the detriment of health. The data of the commonness and characteristics of the population self-medicated in the city of Pereira, Colombia, for the quarter in March - May, 2013 was obtained. Objective: to characterize the profile of self-medication in the population of Pereira for the quarter on March - May, 2013. Type of study: observational of transverse court. Materials and methods: 381 surveys were applied in each stratum by their percentage representation in the districts of the city of Pereira; the instrument was made after operationalize the relevant variables and its validation was given by the score of 4 experts and pilot testing. Prevalence and behavior (mugs, reasons, core measures and association) of the variables was evaluated. Results: 694 (61.58%) people consumed any drugs in the last month, of which 276 (39.77%) had no prescription, for a total of 184(48%) self- medicated home. 131 (30.8%) people between aged 15 to 40 years old self-medicated and 197 (71.4%) and 197 (71.4%) of self-medicated unknown contraindications. Conclusions: a high prevalence of self-medication was identified in the city of Pereira. There is a sectorization demographic centers of the city: Centro, Boston, Poblado, Villavicencio, Universidad, etc.