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The Effect Temperature on the Growth Characteristics of Ethanol Producing Yeast Strains

Dac Hai Nam Ho, Chris Powel

Journal Title:International Journal of Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering

For commercial corn mash to ethanol production it is known that increasing temperature can maximize ethanol yield, although care must be taken to avoid causing heat shock resulting in the death of the yeast culture. Despite the potentially negative effects of high temperature, short sub-lethal stress has been reported to procure a benefit to yeast cells. However, the effect of such yeast pre-treatment on bioethanol fermentations has not previously been investigated. In order to understand more about the effects of the temperature on yeast prior corn mash fermentation, the growth characteristic of four industrial ethanologenic yeast strains to heat stress was determined. The spot plate method and analysis of yeast growth in liquid medium were used in this study. Our obtained results offer an optimal condition for the use of yeast cells in pre-conditioning before the fermentation of corn mash or other materials to bioethanol.