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Riesgo invisible y silencioso: Virus de Inmunodeficiencia Humana en mayores de 50 aos. Colombia, 1998-2009

Doris Cardona Arango, ngela Segura Cardona, Mara Osley Garzn Duque

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Objective: to analyze the mortality of persons aged 50 years and older human immunodeficiency virus resident in Colombia from 1998 to 2009 in order to demonstrate this invisible and silent risk populations unexplored. Materials and methods: a descriptive study of 4149 deaths in Colombia, from 1998 to 2009, people aged 50 years or older whose underlying cause of death was between codes B20-B24. The secondary source of information was through the death registration and population projections by the National Bureau of Statistics. With this information, frequency measures, average mortality rate per hundred thousand inhabitants, and georeferencing excess male risk of death of men and women. Results: the risk of dying from these causes was 5.0 per hundred thousand over age 50, for men the risk was 9.0 for women and 1.4 per hundred thousand people of the same sex, beating men 5.3 times the risk of women (SMM = 6.3).The trend is increasing and the year of greatest risk was in 2007, but the excess mortality was higher in 2000. The departments of higher mortality from this cause were: Amazonas, Guaviare, Quindio, Atlantic and Valley, the lowest risk: Boyac, Nario, Choc, Cauca and Arauca. Conclusions: in the country, mortality from human immunodeficiency virus in people 50 years and older has been increasing throughout the study period (1998-2009), which could be explained by a greater supply diagnostic, more cases and changes in sexual behavior, although the diagnosis may be confused with other common syndromes in this population, the mortality could be being invisible and therefore be increasing, as it really is happening, becoming a silent risk.