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Comparative analysis of different Edge detection techniques for biomedical images using MATLAB

Millee Panigrahi*1, Rina Mahakud*2, Minu Samantaray *3, Sushil Kumar Mohapatra *4

Journal Title:Engineering and Scientific International Journal

Edge detection appreciably preserves the important structural properties in an image and filters out unwanted information while reducing the amount of data. Edges outline the boundaries and are therefore a problem of fundamental importance in image processing of biomedical signals. The method used in this paper is to detect the tumor boundaries in the MRI image using various edge detection techniques. The result of this method makes very clear for physician to distinguish the tumor portion for surgical planning. It has been shown that with proper selection of the threshold value of the image the filters gives better result in terms of edge and PSNR for a given image .It has been shown that Cannys edge detection algorithm performs better than all other operators under almost all scenarios. Experimental results presented in this paper are obtained by using MATLAB.