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SE-AODV-Secured and Energy Efficient Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Network

S.Sridhar#1, R.Baskaran*2

Journal Title:Engineering and Scientific International Journal

Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a standalone network capable of autonomous operation where nodes communicate with each other without the need of any existing infrastructure. Mobile ad hoc networks consist of nodes that cooperate to provide connectivity and are free to move and organize randomly. Every node is router or an end host, in general autonomous and should be capable of routing traffic as destination nodes sometimes might be out of range. Nodes are mobile since topology is very dynamic and they have limited energy and computing resources. These nodes are often vulnerable to failure thus making mobile ad hoc networks open to threats and attacks. Communication in MANET relies on mutual trust between the participating nodes but the features of MANET make this hard. Nodes sometimes fail to transmit and start dropping packets during the transmission. Such nodes are responsible for untrustworthy routing. Nodes should also be considered for sufficient energy levels to make transmission. A secured scheme can be used to track these untrustworthy nodes and isolate them from routing, thus provide trustworthiness. In this paper a secured and energy based AODV (SE-AODV) protocol is presented which implements a message digest algorithm for every transmission. Energy is introduced and nodes are considered for routing only if they have energy level higher than the threshold (Average energy value of nodes considered for routing). The SE-AODV increases PDR and decreases delay thereby enhancing the QoS metrics and trustworthiness in AODV based MANET routing. The work is implemented and simulated on NS-2. The simulation result shows the proposed SE-AODV provides more trustworthy routing compared with general AODV.