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Forming an Embodied Life: The Difference between Being Bodied and Forming an Embodied Life

Stanley Keleman

Journal Title:International Body Psychotherapy Journal

The humans ability to make transitions in its age shapes, socially and personally, produces distress, anxiety, and doubt about how to behave. One response is to become overly reliant on inherited responses. An alternative response is to use voluntary muscular influence and the formative dynamic to manage and resolve cortical emotional organismic dilemmas. The body is an organized environment, a structure of excitatory vitality and experiential knowledge, and a source of the personal and collective wisdom of knowing. Voluntary muscular effort extends this power, making it possible to participate in how we give body to experience and make memories. Abstracts of this article are to be found on the EABP website in the following languages: Albanian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish. http://www.eabp.org/publications-journal.php