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Trash Rush Educational Mobile Game For Android Devices

Jericho J. Rosal, John Benedict D. Palado, Ian M. Juario, Fe B. Yara

Journal Title:Conference Proceedings of Educational Paradigm, Systems and Strategies

As population grows faster, the rise of garbage collection follows. Massive information dissemination of waste management has been done by local representatives to educate people but despite the effort exerted still mismanagement of waste exist that caused serious environmental consequences to nature and human beings. This condition ignites the researchers to develop a technology-based means to help disseminate proper disposal of garbage through the use of mobile phones. Trash Rush educational mobile game application utilized Lua Scripting Language for game features, system behavior and synchronizes the phone sensor to the system. The Lua tool is decoded to JSON codes and sent to PHP MySQL in the webserver for storage. For tilting motion and orientation of the phone, the researchers employ the accelerometer sensor as the main navigation controller. For sound and background effects, the Reactable Application is utilized. The Box2D game engine is used to analyze and interpret the images and graphic effects while the Box2D API is utilized for object movement and animation. The Motion Parallax effect is also used to give more realistic effects in movements of the objects and the graphical background of the game. All these components are extracted through the APK file of Corona SDK to build and publish the app. Upon reaching to the deployment stage of iterative model, it was found out that the system became viral to grade levels in the campus because of its story and time attack mechanism.