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The Perception of Manobo Tribe on Different Aspects of Life: Their Effects on the Living and Social Conditions in San Luis, Agusan Del Sur

Natividad R. Mamaoag

Journal Title:Conference Proceedings of Educational Paradigm, Systems and Strategies

The study attempted to determine the perception of the Manobo tribe and their effect on their living and social conditions in Barangay Sta. Ines, San Luis Agusan del Sur. The descriptive method was used in this study describes the perception among the Manobo tribe on different aspects of life: their living and social conditions. This study was conducted in barangay Sta. Ines, san Luis Agusan Del Sur. There were only 195 of them who were taken as the respondents and researcher used the standardized questionnaire which were taken from the book of Mendez and used by the previous researchers. Hence, no validation was needed. The random sampling design was used in this study in selecting the respondents. On the level of perception among the Manobo tribe, the Manobos agree on their belief in god as supported with the total average weighted mean ranging from 2.01 to 2.73 or agree. They strongly agree to get involved in social gathering as evidenced with total weighted mean of 2.21 or agree. They strongly agree on good aspiration as evidenced with average weighted mean of 2.71 or agree. They agree on the family practices as supported with the average weighted mean of 2.45 or agree. They strongly agree on good family upbringing accompanied with an average weighted mean of 2.57 or strongly agree. They also strongly agree on how to treat visitors accompanied with an average weighted mean of 2.79 or strongly agree. On the living conditions, the Manobos rank 1 that they do not depend their main source of income but they work hard to have additional income for their family needs. They also rank 1 that their house is made up of wood, Nipa and bamboos for the shelter of their family and the Manobo rank 1 that they usually used herbal for their natural medicine but they send the sick person to the hospital for the health of the family. On the social conditions, the Manobos strongly agree to establish a neighborhood relationship with an average weighted mean of 2.78 or strongly agree. They also agree to establish kinship relationship and community relationship as indicated with an average weighted mean of 2.84 and 2.78 or strongly agree respectively. On the effect of perception on different aspects of life, belief in God, social; gathering, family practices, family upbringing and aspiration are best predictors in the financial condition of Manobo. Aspiration, family practices, treating visitors, wedding practices and social gathering are best predictors in neighborhood relationship. Wedding practices, treating visitors, aspiration, family practices, social gathering, family upbringing and belief in God as the best predictors in kinship relationship Family upbringing, aspiration, and family practices are best predictors in community relationship.