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Extractionand Phytochemical Screening of ElaeisguineensisShell Waste

Extractionand Phytochemical Screening of ElaeisguineensisShell Waste

Ademidun Adeola Adesibikan, Stephen Sunday Emmanuel,Olumide James Oluwole

Journal Title:Science View Journal

Phytochemicals from Elaeisguineensis shell waste can be a source of starting materials in pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Since time immemorial, truckloadof Elaeisguineensis shellare being treated as solid waste and the wasted shells are sometimes usedby traditional herbalist who believe in the superstitionworking power of the shellin the treatment of some illnesswhich is attributed to god of Satan(esu)in Southwestgeopolitical zone inNigeria. Therefore, the aim of thisstudy was to evaluate the phytochemical compositionof the n-hexaneextractof Elaeisguineensisshell wastefor the presence of active phytochemicalsandtoscientifically validate its medicinal actionswhich was misunderstood by traditional herbalist based on superstition. Theresult of thephytochemical analysisin this present studyrevealed the presence of phenolics(11.4 ± 0.2g/100g), flavonoids (5.67 ± 0.23 g/100g), tannins (6.67 ± 0.12 g/100g), terpenoids (4.53 ± 0.12 g/100g), saponins (1.99± 0.01 g/100g) and alkaloids (1.81 ± 0.03 g/100g).Quantitatively, the phenolics contentwas found to be the highest (11.4 ± 0.2g/100g) in the sample while the alkaloids content was the least (1.81 ± 0.03 g/100g).Thus, our findingnullifiesthe traditional herbalistsuperstitiousbelieveabout Elaeisguineensisshell waste and suggests a baseline information that n-hexaneshell extractof Elaeisguineensiscontain phytochemicalsthat possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatoryand astringentpropertiesand the extract could possibly be used in themanagement of wound in traditional medicinebecause of the key functions of those phytochemicals reportedin the past and present documented literatures.The ultimate utilization of this shellwasteshould be encouraged in order to enhancesolid waste management as well as pollution control and thus converting waste to estimable material.