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Holistic Homeopathic Approach to Cure Patients with Cancer; Case Series

Holistic Homeopathic Approach to Cure Patients with Cancer; Case Series

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Cancer Biology

Disregarding the various factors leading to cancer, the statistics has increased awfully during the last decade globally. Case No. 1: Mrs. Z.A. aged 21 was seen in the Autumn of 2010. Four months after getting married, she developed a huge mass on the left side of her neck. Pathologic examination of her biopsied mass turned out to be Hodgkin lymphoma. The well-known homeopathic rem-edy called Phosphorus was selected for her. Mrs. Z.A. was followed 4 times during one year after being 1st seen. No recurrence was reported, neither observed in the patient, meaning a complete cure occurred by homeopathic method of healing. Case No. 2: Mrs. T.M., A lady aged 44 was seen by the author in 2009. Fourth stage invasive ductal carcinoma was diagnosed based on the pathologi-cal biopsies. An integrative approach was planned and considered by the author. Mrs. T.M. was not used to including vegetables and fruits in her family’s daily food plate. Therefore, the author suggested the patient to consider healthy veggies and fruits. She started feeling better. She could not even walk and would lie on the back all the time so a physiotherapist was asked to see the patient. He guided her how to do simple physical exercises to strengthen her musculature. Then she felt better and was referred to an oncologist to go under chemotherapy. She was seen by a radiotherapist for radiotherapy. This took 4 years. The next 4 years Mrs. T.M. selected homeopathy to be done by the author. Homeopathy improved her nightly pains, increased her hope and energy by prescribing safe homeopathic remedies like Carcinosinum. Thus, she lived for 96 months. Case 3: A lady aged 72 suffering from Multiple Myeloma, underwent paramount homeopathic healing process for her renal failure, by decreasing her serum creatinine from 13.7 to 2 mg/dl. Thus, considering the remarkable homeopathic healing in the 3 patients, double-blind and meta-analysis clinical trials are suggested to evaluate this healing method to consider it for millions of cancerous conditions.Keywords: Carcinosinum; Cancer; Radiotherapy