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Hbitos alimentarios de las familias que pertenecen al programa de Complementacin Alimentaria, Desayunos Infantiles MAN con Amor

Andrs Felipe Tirado Otlvaro, Marta Elena Correa, Diana Ramrez, Liliana Cossio, Mara Cristina Machado, Mayra Muoz B, Ana Mara Zapata, Viviana Alonso, Claudia Marcela Villa Clara Correa, Mara del Trnsito Giraldo

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: the Department of Antioquia presents a serious problem of eating security with the highest rates of children mortality due to malnutrition. The objective of this investigation is to identify the eating habits of the population of Bajo Cauca which belongs to the program MANA InfantilC. Methods: transversal descriptive study, convenience sample of 350 children care takers signed up in the program. Central tendency and dispersion measures, absolute and relative frequencies were analyzed. Results: 96.3% of the families receive some food stuff complement: the responsibility to feed is assumed by the mother in 72% of the cases. In regards to the consumption of food by children, milk is in the first place with a 75.6% followed by cereals and sweets with a 63.7%. Conclussion: in spite of the access to complimentary eating programs, the rate of malnutrition in the zone is still one of the highest in the country.