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Evaluaci n del manejo del dolor postquirrgico en pacientes adultos de una clnica de tercer nivel de Pereira Colombia

Jorge E. Machado Alba, Ana Milena Quintero, Manuel Fernando Mena Garca, Carlos Andrs Castao Carmona, Edward Mauricio Lpez Saldarriaga, Danna Carolina Marn Zuluaga, Vctor Alfredo Marulanda Quiceno, Johnny Meja Acevedo

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: pain is the first clinical demonstration of post-surgery. To evaluate the level of perceived pain by adult patients in post-surgery thru a Visual Analogical Scale in the Clinica Los Rosales in Pereira. Methods: transversal cut study in patients 18 years and older. The intensity of pain in post-surgery after 4 hours and again after 24 hours was evaluated thru the Analogical Visual Scale (EVA). Variables such as sociodemographic (age, sex, health regime), clinical (type of anesthesia and surgery which were qualified as low medium and high risk) and pharmacological (prescribed analgesics at 4 and 24 hours, associations, dosage and intervals) were considered. Results: 51.1% of the patients had no control over pain at 4 hours after surgery and 30.9% at 24 hours. The scheme of analgesic variables with Tramadol/Dipyrone and the forthcoming of nausea were associated in a significant statistical manner with the lack of control of pain within 4 hours of surgery, while the previous use of corticosteroids, sex and socioeconomic level were associated with the lack of control at 24 hours. Conclussions: the inefficiency of the analgesic used in the post-surgery could be associated with flaws in the selection of the medication and the dosage guidelines.