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Comportamiento de las consultas por Infecciones de Transmisin Sexual Medelln, Colombia 2002-2006

Doris Cardona Arango, Dedsy Yajaira Berbes Fernndez, ngela Mara Segura Cardona

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: sexually transmitted infections ITS, constitute an important group among infectious diseases; the objective of this investigation was to analyze the behavior of appointments for ITS in Medellin, Colombia during the time period of 2002 2006. Methds: a descriptive study was conducted, with secondary information sources from 24,839 medical appointments, posted on the registry of health medical services. Infections were selected by transmission thru sexual contact primarily and diseases as a result of human immune deficiency; The analysis included a description of the behavior of appointments and a calculation of the proportion of incidence of the yearly average of a population of one hundred thousand people, as an estimate of the real occurrence, and possible association with the test of Chi- square of independence, with a statistical level of significance of 5%. Results: the findings yielded a greater number of appointments due to the acquired human immunodeficiency virus (50.7%) followed by other ITS (29.5%) and other syphilis (10.3%). Men were mainly affected by the immunodeficiency virus and gonorrhea, while women consulted in a higher proportion due to trichomonad, chlamydia and congenital syphilis; the group with the highest amount of appointments was the population between 20 and 29 years of age. Conclussion: ITS continue being a risk in order to acquire diseases such as AIDS, in spite of the preventive campaigns. The appointments made by men due to HIV were 4.5 times greater than those made by women and 3.18 times greater in the case of gonorrhea; while the appointments made by women were higher due to trichomonad.