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Caso Clnico. Abdomen abierto: de la infeccin a la cicatrizacin. Reporte de un caso y revisin de la literatura

Rodolfo A. Cabrales Vega MD

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Chronic wounds represent a challenge for the health team as well as for the patient in regards to how to handle them, long term follow up, cosmetic results, effects on the quality of life and self-steem. This article emphasizes initially on a patient with a complex secondary abdominal wound of the colon and secondary massive fecal contamination. Secondly, it reviews the objectives of the local treatment of the wound and describes some types of dressings, their composition, characteristics and indications. Products such as hydrocolloids, ashes, hydrogel, polyurethane foams and silver soaked dressings are included. Last, it emphasizes the fact that the treatment of chronic wounds must restore a balance in the factors that determine a good healing process. Its management must be complex, organized and based on a tight cooperation between the health team and the patient.