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Facial Palsy: The Right Time for the Right Choice

Facial Palsy: The Right Time for the Right Choice

Della Monaca M, Giorgio Barbera, Andrea Cassoni, Andrea Battisti, Paolo Priore, Ingrid Raponi*, Valentina Terenzi, Filippo Giovannetti and Valentino Valentini

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Otolaryngology

Aim: The aim of this study is to propose our experience and our protocol in post-operative facial palsy. Methods: A retrospective study about 32 patients was done. Timing of the palsy onset, surgical indications and the results using Facegram were analyzed.Results: The mean improvement for acute palsy evaluate with Facegram analysis of corner of the mouth excursion during smile was 41,30%. In the mid-term paralysis the measured improvement was 29,12%. Finally in the long - term facial palsy treated with func-tioning muscle transplantation was 34,30%.Conclusion: Facial nerve reconstruction should be addressed routinely in every patient who undergoes facial nerve resection or develop palsy after otologic or brain surgery.