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Tuberculous Otitis Media - A Case Report

Tuberculous Otitis Media - A Case Report

Swetha Chevula, Vani Padmasri M, Karuna N, Srivani N andCaptain L Sudarshan Reddy

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Otolaryngology

Objective: To publish a rare case of tuberculous otitis media in an 18 year old male patient.Methods: An 18-year old male presenting with bilateral hard of hearing since 9 months was evaluated thoroughly by clinical exami-nation, hematological, radiological and histopathological evaluation.Results: Clinical examination revealed a single pinkish polypoidal mass with granulations occupying the right external auditory canal. Hematological investigations were within normal limits. Sputum for AFB was positive for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Radio-logical evaluation with computed tomography showed soft tissue density in the bilateral prussack’s space and the epitympanum with erosion of the scutum. Biopsy was taken from the right aural polyp and the patient was managed conservatively. Histopathological examination showed squamous epithelium lining with sub-epithelium, showing areas of caseous necrosis surrounded by epithelioid cell clusters, lymphocytes and plasma cells along with dense neutrophil collection, karyorrhectic debris and areas of hemorrhage with few multinucleate giant cells. With all the above evaluations, diagnosis was concluded as tuberculous otitis media.Conclusion: It is a rare case presentation of Tuberculous otitis media.