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The Use of Multimodal Approach in Teaching Algebra (Measurements) of Grade 7 in Camp Vicente Lim National High School S.Y. 2014-2015

Precious Faye M. Bicomong, Mary Gem N. Dela Rosa, Razel A. Abedes, Rhowel M. Dellosa

Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

The study aimed to examine the use of multimodal approach in the understanding of Measurements by Grade 7 students of Camp Vicente Lim National High School S.Y 2014-2015. This study utilized an experimental design. Through this design, the level of performance of the grade 7 students on the subject of Mathematics are presented and analyzed. The data were statistically interpreted using experimental statistics such as mean, t-test, z-test and Pearson correlation. A total of 74 grade 7 students served as participants in this study. The researchers found out that there is no significant difference in the pre test and post test results of the two groups. Hence, the researchers recommended that Camp Vicente Lim National High School can trigger the use of multimodal approach by delivering the modalities accurately and in a way that students can understand the lesson very well