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Test Anxiety and College Studentsí Performance on Mathematics Departmental Examination: Basis for Mathematics Achievement Enhancement

Myrna D. Reyes (Ed. D), Aida C. Castillo

Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

The study aimed to determine the relationship of performance of the students in the area of Mathematics specifically in Algebra and Trigonometry and their test anxiety. The researchers used the descriptive correlation research method that could best present and analyze information on the documentary analysis in studentsí mathematics performance and descriptive survey about math test anxiety. The data was gathered from the departmental examination given in Algebra and Trigonometry for the academic year of 2013-2014. The respondents of the study were 120 students who took Algebra in the first semester before they took Trigonometry for the second semester of the said year. The statistical tolls used were frequency, weighted mean and Pearson product moment of correlation. The results revealed that the students who took the subjects were obtained a poor performance rating. On the other hand, test anxiety in mathematics moderately felt by the students that is considered a factor that might affect the studentsí mathematics performance. The researchers also formulated an action plan for the enhancement of mathematics achievement to improve the passing rate in the departmental examination. The action plan focused on conducting/attending seminars regarding different learning strategies; conducting tutorial session or peer tutoring especially for those who have low performance in mathematics subjects; conducting seminar on reduction of test anxiety; conducting stress briefing to the students through the proctor before taking the exam; providing reward system in mathematics classes; and adapt fun learning techniques in teaching mathematics. And also, the researchers recommended to the math teachers to develop different learning strategies in all mathematics subjects and to provide relaxation techniques before giving the exam to their students.