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Comparative analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from major cities of India

Sridevi H., Shreejith K., T. V. Ramachandra

Journal Title:International Journal of Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering

Concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased rapidly due to anthropogenic activities resulting in significant increase in the temperature of the earth causing global warming. This is quantified using an indicator like global warming potential (GWP) and expressed as tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent. Assessing the greenhouse gas emissions is an important step towards making quantifiable emission reductions. This study focuses on estimating the greenhouse gas emission from major cities in India namely Delhi, Greater Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore across various sectors and expresses the total emission in terms of Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq). Emissions from key sectors like electricity, transportation, industries, agriculture, waste and others have been computed. Country specific emission factors have also been used to reduce estimation uncertainties. The total Carbon dioxide equivalent emissions are compared with their economic activity, measured in terms of GDP.The result shows Chennai emits highest CO2 eq emissions per GDP followed by Delhi.