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Adherencia del personal de enfermera a las medidas de prevencin y control de infecciones intrahospitalarias en tres Unidades de Cuidados Intensivos. 2008

Cielo Martnez Reyes, Karin Betn Buelvas, Katia Caldera Puente, Jaidith Guerra Mercado, Moraima Hernndez Rojas, Mayleth Villalba Martnez

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: hospital-acquired infections are a problem that is becoming increasingly significant for its high frequency, lethal consequences and elevated treatment costs. Objective: to describe the factors that influence the adherence of the nursing staff to the preventive and control measures of infections within a hospital in three areas of Sincelejos Intensive Care Unit (Colombia 2008) Methods: descriptive, quantitative cross-section sample which consisted of 33 members of the nursing staff. The information was collected through a semi-structured survey and an evaluation form of practices performed by personnel. Results: the results show insufficient knowledge of infections within the hospital and measures for its prevention and control. The procedure for medical wash of hands was done incorrectly in two of the units and the procedure for surgical wash of hands was incorrectly done in all three units. The barrier elements are used improperly, although the necessary supplies for this were readily available.