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Mucormycosis - The Dark Shadow of Coronavirus

Mucormycosis - The Dark Shadow of Coronavirus

Arya Ajith

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Otolaryngology

As the crippling crisis of Covid-19 infection continuous to dev-astate India new deadly complications of the infection have sur-faced. The Coronavirus’s new partner in crime is the deadly fungal infection mucormycosis or as the media has named it “Black Fun-gus”.Mucormycosis is a rare but deadly opportunistic fungal infec-tion, commonly seen in immunocompromised patients. It belongs to saprophytic fungi group - Mucorales order and Zygomycetes class. The mode of infection is usually via the inhalation route and infection begins in the nose and paranasal sinuses with vascular invasion, forming thrombi in the blood vessels, leading to reduced blood supply and tissue necrosis of nearby tissue and osteomyeli-tis. It is an aggressive and potentially fatal infection more common-ly observed in immunocompromised patients.