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A Prospective Analysis of 100 Hemoptysis Cases in Tertiary Care Hospital.

Dr Amolkumar Diwan,Dr. Himanshu Pophale,Dr. Gauri Godbole

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Hemoptysis is defined as expectoration of blood from the tracheo-bronchial tree or from pulmonary parenchyma.1 It is not a disease entity but a symptom of underlying pulmonary pathology or disease and can occur in different clinical condition. Hemoptysis may vary in degree from just a streaking of blood with sputum (mild) to life threatening massive hemoptysis.2 A wide spectrum of diseases has been reported to cause hemoptysis but the search for a specific cause can be tedious and unrewarding.3 Therefore hemoptysis of any degree needs thorough evaluation. The aim of evaluation is to find treatable cause and management modalities for controlling the underline disease.4, 5 This study is an attempt to study relative frequency of different causes of hemoptysis, value of chest radiography, computed chest tomography (CT) 6,7or fiber-optic bronchoscopy8,9 as a diagnostic tool and other demographic factors in hemoptysis.