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A Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Adhoc Network Creation

Rajashekharagouda Patil, Shreedharamurthy S K?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Ad-hoc wireless network is an infrastructure-less network, i.e. there is no centralized coordination for the network operations. As and when a new node comes in the vicinity of the network it will spontaneously form the network. This paper presents a secure protocol for spontaneous wireless Ad-hoc network which uses a hybrid symmetric/asymmetric scheme and the trust between users in order to exchange the initial data and to exchange the secret keys that will be used to encrypt the data. Our proposal is a complete self-configured secure protocol that is able to create the network and share secure services without any infrastructure. Network creation stages are detailed and the communication, protocol messages and network management are explained. Our proposal has been implemented in order to test the protocol procedure and performance.