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Cervical Mass. Experience and Management Protocol

Cervical Mass. Experience and Management Protocol

Solano Nicolás, Villarroel-Dorrego Mariana, Parra Enmanuel, Rivera Ejusmar, Dueñes Greyner and Atencio Maria

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Otolaryngology

Thorough history and physical examination combined with a fundamental knowledge of head and neck anatomy can arm the primary care provider with all tools necessary to work up and properly diagnose a neck mass. Not all neck masses are neoplasms; the location of the mass, details surrounding its appearance, and overall time course are important factors to help differentiate neo-plastic disease from other possibilities in the long differential diagnosis. In-depth knowledge on the part of the health professional about the management of a cervical mass is crucial, especially those professionals whose field of action involves the head and neck area (oral and maxillofacial surgeons for example) at that, the objective of this investigation is to provide a review of the literature and relate our experience and management protocol for cervical masses in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Unit of the Hospital Coromoto, Venezuela.Keywords: Cervical Mass; Management Protocol