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Mathematical Models and their Application in Cancer Growth

Mathematical Models and their Application in Cancer Growth

Fuad Mugarab-Samedi, Sahbaz Heir and Saboor Ul-Bashar

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Cancer Biology

Cancer is defined as a collection of related diseases. The common prevailing factor in all different forms of cancer is that the cancer cell begins to divide without any control and invades nearby tissues, spreading through the lymph system [1]. Although solutions are found for restraining further spread or eliminating diseased cells, most of the methods fail to predict the early signs of such an occur-rence. A useful catalyst utilized by specialists is using variant forms of differential equations, particularly ordinary differential equa-tions (ODE's). By using ordinary differential equations, such as the Malthusian model and the Gompertzian model, and state which method would be more efficient. Models such as the "Gompertzian growth curve" helps us visualize the growth rate of a cancerous cell. The Gompertzian model describes the cancer growth as a curve, which then has an almost exponential growth rate followed by a slower growth rate, which reaches a plateau as tumors grow larger [2]. Finally, we will use Matlab to code a graph that describes the mathematical growth models. In this paper, we will reveal how we can use ordinary differential equations to solve cancer growth spread, while also touching on some other models.