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High-grade Serous Umbilical Adenocarcinoma. About a Case

High-grade Serous Umbilical Adenocarcinoma. About a Case

Massiel S Fernández B, Saúl Dorfman, Medardo Briceño V, Eladio Torres, María Elena Viloria de Alvarado and Iván Añez

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Cancer Biology

Primary malignant umbilical tumors are very rare, representing 20%, within umbilical pathologies, and only 0.1% in general frequency. We present a case of a female patient with a history of Primary Umbilical Adenocarcinoma in 2017, untreated and for 2019 extensive umbilical tumor with incisional biopsy that reports: Serous Large Duct Adenocarcinoma. Immunohistochemistry: Adenocarcinoma derived from remnant of the omphalomesenteric duct or yolk duct. She receives preoperative chemotherapy and in May 2020, a Wide Resection is performed, plus reconstruction with Polypropylene mesh. As findings, a 20x20 cm lesion is evident, which involves all the layers of the skin, subcutaneous cell tissue up to the peritoneum, with the omentum involved in the surgical piece. Additionally, cavity-like liver MT lesions are evident. Biopsy reports High-grade Serous Primary Umbilical Adenocarcinoma.