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Evaluation of customer satisfaction on bank services: Aempirical analysis

Belay Deribe and Ebisa Deribie

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Business Management and Accounts

Customer confidence and trust on the services delivered determines profitability of a bank. A fullfledged service delivery to the customer secures survival of a bank. The major objective of this study is to analyze customer satisfaction on banking services in Jimma, Ethiopia. For the purpose of this study primary data sources were used. The collected data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics. The findings of the study suggest that there are a number of problems hindering the smooth delivery of the banking services. The network problem for instance is the major obstacle in the check clearing operations. Besides, in the loan operations the delays of the loan approval is the major problem. In the electronic banking services, customers responded that the benefits they obtained are limited. Therefore, the bank should handle its customers so well to achieve its organizational aims. Keywords: Customers, Bank, loans, electronic-banking, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia