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The level of information technology governance in KULACOM-Jordan Company

Huda Al Skafy, Zeyad Abdel Halim Al- Theebeh

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Business Management and Accounts

This study presents a newly developed tool, which is COBIT 5 that is an abbreviation for "Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology". It has been launched with the beginning of 2012 to measure the level of Information Technology Governance (ITG). It has been used by the researchers in the study to measure the level of governance in the KULACOM-Jordan Company. COBIT 5 has 5 dimensions "Evaluate, Direct and Monitor" "Align, Plan and Organize" "Build, Acquire and Implement", "Deliver, Service and Support " and "Monitor, Evaluate and Assure". These dimensions have been used for designing a questionnaire distributed to "KULACOM-Jordan" Company. One basic hypothesis has been developed for this study and five sub-hypotheses that shows that there is good governance over IT in the KULACOM-Jordan Company, which in turn led to the conclusion that there is a high degree of "Evaluate, Direct and Monitor", and "Build, Acquire and Implement ", and a moderate degree in the "Align, Plan and Organize", "Deliver, Service and Support " and "Monitor, Evaluate and Assure". Keywords: COBIT 5, ITG.