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Womens involvement as an effective management tool in decision-making in Oromia regions public organizations

Chalchissa Amentie and Emnet Negash

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Business Management and Accounts

Women are the fuel that runs the engine of the organization and it is believed that their low involvement in the decision-making process creates tensions between management and staff. Therefore, the purpose of this study was aimed to determine the impact of women low involvement as a management tool in decision-making and its implementation in Oromia region public organizations by determining the causes of low women involvement in decision-making and the consequences of such action on implementation of decisions. In the study, cross-sectional, descriptive and inferential designs were used. As findings of the study; eventhough, the involvement of women in decision-making are increasing, until know there is low acceptability of their decision-making process by all communities. As per the chi-square test made (p