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Teach Reading

Teach Reading

Ernan Santiesteban Naranjo, Kenia María Velázquez Avila, Niurka Góngora Mena

Journal Title:Sinergia Acad?mica

Teach reading is a book that is composed by six chapters. The fist, is devoted for the definition of text and its taxonomy. It concludes with the requirements for choosing a didactic text. The second, is dedicated for the definition, analysis and classification of reading. The third is devoted to associated disorders related to the reading process. The fourth, contrasts the traditionalist reading instruction against dynamic-participatory didactic for the teaching-learning process of reading, where it is emphasized on reading participatory methods and techniques. The fifth, is attentive to the generalized reading skill, invariant skill and reading competence. Finally, the sixth is committed to dynamic-participatory didactic strategy for teaching reading,