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Martí’s thought in Philosophy of Education

Martí’s thought in Philosophy of Education

Frank Arteaga Pupo

Journal Title:Sinergia Acad?mica

The book contains arguments on the anthropological, epistemological, teleological functions of educational philosophy; the experiential pedagogical experience as a qualitative research resource; the principle of an education from, during and for life, as a premise; the discipline of History in professional training; actuality of The Golden Age; importance of reading and its reflection as a function of life; Marti’s ideology in Cuban culture; utopia of the Apostle’s existence in the digital era; classic models for scientific writing; differences between the experiential and experimental methods. Marti’s spirituality as a safeguard of the nation; the philosophical perspective of the Apostle in scientific writing and communication; and thought and the nation as components of Cuban spirituality. The relationship between these contents constitutes the theoretical and practical platform of Marti’s Educational Philosophy in pursuit of human improvement.