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An investigative analysis of factors influencing Ebusiness adoption and maintenance of commercial websites in Nigeria

Edwin M. Agwu

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Business Management and Accounts

The number of commercial organizations applying electronic commerce systems is on the rise when viewed globally. In the near future, this trend will become not only a tool to simply increase income, but without doubt will be considered an essential means for competition. Although Nigeria has the largest and fastest growing ICT marketplace in Sub-Saharan Africa, e-commerce activities have not progressed at a similar speed. In general, Nigerian retailers have not responded actively to the global growth of online retailing. Using a case study approach, various managers in six organisations from different states of the country were interviewed with a view to unravelling the factors influencing the adoption and maintenance of commercial websites in Nigeria. Analysis shows that consumer readiness is an influential factor for both developed and developing economies. Findings further revealed that most company websites are not maintained due mainly to absence of internal know-how by employees, time, and lack of continuous connectivity. This study contributes to a greater understanding of the factors that influence website adoption and maintenance within developing economies. And it provides insight to businesses contemplating setting up a website in developing economies on the successes and failures in the process of developing a commercial website. Keywords: Website, maintenance, adoption, e-commerce, e-business, developing economies, Nigeria