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Dentistry at the Crossroad-Profession and Entrepreneurship

Dentistry at the Crossroad-Profession and Entrepreneurship

Mahyunah Masud1*, Anisah Lokman1, Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Hassan1

Journal Title: Journal of Dental Health and Oral Research

Profession is a paid occupation involving prolonged and specialized preparation and training at the level of higher education. Dentist is a profession that focused on serving the oral health needs of patients and society, with the financial gain derived from the service they provided. Entrepreneurship in dentistry is undertaking both innovations and business acumen to transform them into economic goods. Today, increasing number of dentists practice in the field of health care, competing for patients, treat patients with the intention of earning a significant profit for their services. Being your own boss, setting your own hours, making a decent living and helping people in need are the major allure for entrepreneurship among dental professionals [1]. Since the future of health care after this pandemic episode of COVID-19 is hard to gauge, entrepeneurship in health related field especially in dentistry needs new direction. Serious new patient management approach to accommodate standing operative procedures would be the future of the profession and entrepreneurship.