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Lavender Aromatherapy in the Management of Dental Anxiety

Lavender Aromatherapy in the Management of Dental Anxiety

Joanna Chiyon Kumar1, K Padmanabhan Akhil2*

Journal Title: Journal of Dental Health and Oral Research

Overview: Anxiety in the dental office is a common challenge for the clinicians. Dentophobia is a common cause for reduced motivation and infrequent dental visits for patients with oral diseases. Several techniques to reduce dental anxiety have been in practice since years. This review aims to summarize the potential use of Lavender as an aromatherapeutic agent for dental anxiety management. Methodology: Articles pertaining to the key words “Lavender”, “Lavender Aromatherapy”, “Dental anxiety management” and “Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM)” were searched in MEDLINE database of references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics. The findings from the studies were consolidated and inferences were summarized into a review. Results: Although less in practice, our literature search found that lavender aromatherapy was an effective adjunct to manage current or state anxiety and should be considered as an “on the spot” therapeutic agent in managing dental anxiety. Conclusion: Within the confines of the review, it could be concluded that lavender aromatherapy is an effective method of managing dental anxiety. Compared to the conventional methods described in the literature, aromatherapy offers the benefit of increased patient compliance and reduced rates of complications associated with such procedures. However further research focussed on the effectiveness of this method should be done for establishing this therapy as an optimal therapy to manage dental anxiety.