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Vertical Facial Midline Variations in Ethnic Groups

Vertical Facial Midline Variations in Ethnic Groups

Ashwini Bhangale1, Ajay Kakar2, Maria Csillag3*

Journal Title: Journal of Dental Health and Oral Research

This study was carried out to evaluate the incidence and pattern of facial midlines across three ethnic grtoupsd of populations. The ethnic groups being studied are Caucasian, African and Oriental. The Smylist philosophy has introduced the concept of different kinds of vertical facial midlines. Based on this concept the distribution and incidence of straight, curved and sloped midlines, as propounded by Smylist, was assessed. This study can be considered as an extension or follow up of a study done on an Indian population to assess the incidence of facial midlines which was published in 2019. There were 50 subjects included in each of the ethnic groups to make a total of 150 subjects. A photo documentation was used for each of the subjects. The pictures were standardized in the straight face Cheese A picture as defined in the Smylist concept. An attempt was made to keep an equal number of male and female subjects. All the pictures were loaded on the Smylist software and the facial analysis was carried out to generate and identify the type of midline present. The results showed that the incidence of the straight midline was the lowest in all the three ethnic groups. The curved and the sloped midline make up the bulk of the cases. The curved was the highest in the Caucasian group and the sloped was the largest percentage in the African and oriental groups. It can be safely concluded that the incidence of vertical straight midline is ostensibly less and should not be deliberated as a foundation for functional and aesthetic rehabilitation. This is consistently observed in all kinds of ethnic groups and follows the pattern of the Indian study. It can also be concluded that the curved and sloped incidences vary considerably in different ethnic groups.