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The Next Level Implant Biomaterial: Silicon Nitride

The Next Level Implant Biomaterial: Silicon Nitride

Arpit Sikri1*, Jyotsana Sikri2

Journal Title: Journal of Dental Health and Oral Research

Dental caries and periodontal disease form the two most important factors for tooth loss. Rehabilitation of the lost dentition involves either fixed or removable prosthesis. Above all, dental implants have also proven to be the 1st choice of treatment in terms of prosthetic rehabilitation. According to glossary of Prosthodontic Terms (9th Edition), dental implant is defined as a prosthetic device made of alloplastic material(s) implanted into the oral tissues beneath the mucosal and/or periosteal layer and on or within the bone to provide retention and support for a fixed or removable dental prosthesis; a substance that is placed into and/or on the jaw bone to support a fixed or removable dental prosthesis. In addition to this, dental implant is that portion of an implant which provides support for the dental implant abutment(s) through adaptation on (eposteal), within (endosteal), or through (transosteal) the bone.