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Oral Mucormycosis: A New Threat to COVID Patients? A Guide to Oral Health

Oral Mucormycosis: A New Threat to COVID Patients? A Guide to Oral Health

Sahana Sadasivam1*, Geeta IB2

Journal Title: Journal of Dental Health and Oral Research

The World Health Organization declared the outbreak of corona virus as a public health emergency of international concern on 30th January 2020. It has been over a year and a half since this outbreak and has led to heavy casualties across the globe. New mutant strains of the virus have said to emerge over the past year leading to the demise of people from various age groups. The most common symptoms of symptomatic covid positive patients include fever, dry cough, tiredness and less common symptoms include aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, headache, loss of taste and smell. Some of the serious complications include difficulty in breathing/shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure. A new recently emerged complication of COVID-19 is a rare fungal infection also called the black fungus caused by a group of fungi called mucormycetes. These group of fungi commonly appear throughout the environment, particularly in association with decaying organic matter and in the soil. Contact with these fungal spores is very common as it is spread out in the environment but usually do not pose a greater harm or risk. The frequency of the black fungus in COVID patients is increasing due to immunodeficiency states like diabetes, malignancies, hematopoietic disorders, poor oral hygiene and immunosuppressive drugs. Oral health is essential to general health and greatly influences the quality of life. Early detection and proper care can prevent this disease from becoming fatal. Maintaining oral health is of utmost importance in preventing fungal infections becoming debilitating. This article a guide to oral health with key points to prevent any opportunistic organism giving its way in compromising general health.