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The Sinewy Scruff-Nuchal-Type Fibroma

The Sinewy Scruff-Nuchal-Type Fibroma

Anubha Bajaj1*

Journal Title:Journal of Dermatology Research

Nuchal-type fibroma is an uncommon, benign, tumour-like, subcutaneous nodule comprised of bundles of thick collagen fibres confined to dermis and subcutaneous tissue of posterior neck. The condition commonly appears within third to fifth decade and demonstrates a male preponderance. Generally, an asymptomatic, superficial, gradually progressive, solitary or multiple, protrusive, firm to hard, solid, inadequately circumscribed tumefaction is denominated. The pauci-cellular neoplasm is composed of collagen fibres, mature adipose tissue and occasional skeletal muscle fibres with infiltration into surrounding cutaneous adnexal articulations.