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Rheumatoid Vasculitis: Heterogeneous Clinical Presentation

Rheumatoid Vasculitis: Heterogeneous Clinical Presentation

Rebecca Ribeiro Gouvêa1*, Otávio Augusto Gomes da Paz2

Journal Title:Journal of Dermatology Research

Vasculitis is defined as a vascular inflammation which may be localized or systemic and mostly idiopathic. Usually it affects several organs of the body such as skin, kidneys and lungs. Vasculitis is one of the biggest challenges in medical research diagnostics, in nonspecific clinical presentation, as it develops slowly over few weeks to months. In addition, to confirm this, the diagnostic laboratory tests are required and sometimes biopsy is required to be done of the affected artery or serology. To cure this ailment, it is essential to opt for a therapy for symptomatic improvement, induction, remission and decreased mortality.