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Exogenous Ochronosis in Facial Lichen Planus Pigmentosus

Exogenous Ochronosis in Facial Lichen Planus Pigmentosus

Selma El Kadiri1*, Hanane Bay Bay1, Imane Kacimi1, Zakia Douhi1, Sara Elloudi1, Fatima-Zahra Mernissi1, Layla Tahiri2, Nawal Hammas2, Leila Chbani2, Hinde El Fatemi2

Journal Title:Journal of Dermatology Research

Lichen planus pigmentosus is a chronic inflammatory pigmentary dermatosis considered a rare variant of the cutaneous lichen planus. It is characterized by acquired dark brown to gray macular pigmentation involving sun-exposed areas commonly found in dark-skinned patients. Exogenous ochronosis is an acquired cause of blue-gray to black pigmentation involving the skin and mucous tissues. We report a case of exogenous ochronosis occurring in a 45-year-old patient treated for lichen planus pigmentosus. She was treated with Kligman formula containing hydroquinone. The patient presented to our Department for progressive worsening of the malar pigmentation. Dermoscopy revealed gray to black rounded and homogeneous areas with arciform structures obliterating the follicular openings and telangiectasic vessels making us suspecting exogenous ochronosis confirmed by histology.