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Contact Dermatitis from Jamon Serrano

Contact Dermatitis from Jamon Serrano

Gina Grimalt1, Enrico Valerio2, Mario Cutrone3, Ramon Grimalt1*

Journal Title: Journal of Clinical Immunology AND Microbiology

A 42-year-old man working as a specialized deboning butcher (deshuesador) in a “Jamon Serrano” factory in Spain presented with a professional hand contact dermatitis. We patch tested the patient with the rope that is used to hang the pig leg, with the grease covering the skin of the pork leg, with the grease covering the rope and with the grease in close contact to the ham itself. Patch test showed positive results at day 2 and 4 to the external grease and negative results to the rest. We path test 10 volunteers to exclude irritant contact dermatitis. One patient showed positive result to the grease, rope and grease covering the rope, rest of volunteers showed negative results. We patch tested the products used to cure the ham: rosed jam, marine salt H3, nitrificant 45 and curavi E-5 with negative results. We studied preservatives present on the different types of curing salt: E-310, E-250, E-331 and E-252. Accordingly, we also tested: sodium ascorbate 1% and 5%, sodium nitrite 10% trisodium citrate 10% and potassium nitrate at 10%, with negative results. The case was finally considered to be an irritant contact dermatitis from “serrano ham”.