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Deforestation, Air Pollution and Brazilian COVID-19 Variant

Deforestation, Air Pollution and Brazilian COVID-19 Variant

Luisetto M1*, Naseer Almukthar2, Khaled Edbey3, Fiazza C4, Ahmed Yesvi Rafa5, Ghulam Rasool6, Latishev O Yurevich7

Journal Title: Journal of Clinical Immunology AND Microbiology

Aim of this work is to submit to the researcher the relationship whit climate condition, air pollution and deforestation in Manaus zone in Brazil and the rapid spread of so called Brazilian COVID-19 variant. Also other situation are analysed like South Africa variant. This topics of research make possible to better study the phenomena of new COVID-19 variant explosion and related effect on increase velocity in spread and in increased mortality rate in some region of the world. The ability of this variant to elude immune system need to seek also in environmental toxicology some response.