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How Fungus Can Debilitate Your Immune System?

How Fungus Can Debilitate Your Immune System?

Raghavendra Rao MV1*, Abrar A Khan2, Srinivasa Rao D3, Dilip Mathai4, Mohammad Khaleel5, Mubasheer Ali6

Journal Title: Journal of Clinical Immunology AND Microbiology

ittle is known about the precise mechanism involved in immunity to fungal infections. Researchers discovered that fungal prostaglandins, deactivate immune cells, preventing them from destroying the infection. Fungi are known to make molecules similar to those of our own immune system. Scientists found that the fungus molecules weaken the immune system, which is essential in stopping infections. Opportunistic infections like Cryptococcus which normally pose no threat, but are potentially life-threatening in those with weakened immune systems. Scientists are now working to find the other ways these fungal molecules are affecting immune cells and how the immune cells are deactivated. Antibodies against fungi and yeasts may be found in the sera of many apparently normal people, as well as in those who have overt infections. In presence of clinical fungal infections e.g. due to Aspergillus fumigatus, the amount of antibody may be so great as to be readily demonstrable by precipitin tests. Although there is considerable evidence to implicate such antibodies in the pathogenic effects of pulmonary fungal infections, there is no evidence that they hinder their spread once infection is established. However, the very fact that patients with immunoglobulin deficiency diseases are so unduly prone to candida and monilia infections indicates that antibodies must play some part in protecting against initial or reinfection.